Raffles Family Wealth Trust

About Raffles Family Wealth Trust

Based in Singapore, but with an ability to work worldwide, Raffles Family Wealth Trust is a boutique advisory business focused on serving the needs of legacy families to preserve their financial fortunes and enhance their true family wealth across generations.

Services include integrated multigenerational family strategy, strategic family wealth management, merger-and-acquisition transaction support, family business strategy (including listing and sale), family office reviews, offshore presence and service provision, education and training, and access to a global set of like-minded families interested in pursuing coinvestment opportunities.

Our overall vision is:

“To create a unique enterprise to support leaders of legacy families to protect and grow their true family wealth across generations.”

In pursuit of this vision, we focus on strategies and initiatives that create or are aligned with the protection and enhancement of family wealth in both financial and nonfinancial matters, and on both a strategic and transactional level. The elements of our business model and service offering to our clients that differentiate us from other firms include:

  • A deep knowledge of integrated family strategy and multi-generational legacy planning, addressing all elements of true family wealth, including the financial and nonfinancial aspects of strategy for both newly wealthy and long-established families.
  • Support and services from a Singapore base, offering an established offshore presence and operation with “purpose, substance and form” in a global financial center and an operating presence in a sound primary (or alternative) jurisdiction.
  • Pure (conflict-free) family advisory service—no in-house funds or products of any kind and hence full client alignment in providing services and advice to legacy families; and with an ability to identify the best service providers and negotiate fees on behalf of the family with private banks, trust companies, banks, custodians, technology providers, and other intermediaries.
  • A platform to provide co-investment opportunities with a network of like-minded families and family offices in an international family office/ultra-high-net-worth individual (FO/UHNWI) network.
  • Access to Asian and related growth capital opportunities to support families in their search for alpha in a challenging investment climate.
  • An experienced and highly capable team, familiar with all aspects of family offices, family business, and private wealth, characterized by the highest levels of trust and discretion.
  • Complementary services, often with expert and focused partners, to support family educational programs and the other needs of family leaders, family offices, multifamily offices, trustees, private banks, and other existing advisory relationships.In particular, the Singapore location can provide access to selected Asian and emerging market investment opportunities and be a critical part of creative solutions to fiscal, financial, and family challenges, drawing on:
  • State-of-the-art knowledge of global tax planning and asset structuring.
  • Family office design, establishment, assessment, and relocation or provision of a back-up jurisdiction for an offshore “satellite” family office in Asia.
  • Singapore’s sound government, world-class legal and financial infrastructure, pro-business culture, low taxes, new trust laws, and a credible reputation as a global financial and regional investment center.
  • Creative asset structuring and risk management capabilities through the use of trusts, corporations, and alternative structures (Singapore family-owned investment holding com- panies [FIHCs], SCC/PCCs, private trust companies [PTCs], limited liability companies [LLCs], limited partnerships [LPs], family partnerships [FPs] etc.).
  • An offshore set of expert investment professionals.
  • High-value trustee services with a deep understanding offamily investment and distribution objectives.
  • A real interest in the long-term success of the family, providing integrated strategies, specific investment, and asset structuring opportunities, along with family education and individual development programs to support the real long- term needs of the family and its members.
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