Northwood Family Office

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About Northwood Family Office

Northwood Family Office is a global multifamily office based in Toronto that looks after the integrated family and financial needs of an exclusive group of wealthy families. Northwood acts as the personal chief financial officer (CFO) for clients, coordinating and managing the complexities of investments, financial affairs, and family issues.
The challenges that come with significant wealth should not be underestimated. Many families with complex family structures own a diversity of investments and business and real estate interests, and need the independence, objectivity, and organization that a family office can provide. Northwood serves as the single point of contact for clients on all issues related to their family and financial affairs.
Northwood’s mission is to bring direction, perspective, and confidence to the management of our clients’ net worth. We help families define a clear sense of the direction they want to take and develop an integrated perspective. We work closely with our clients’ professional advisors to ensure that everything is coordinated and integrated so families will have a high level of confidence that their family and their wealth are being well looked after. We also care- fully select external specialists from all relevant financial disciplines to round out the interdisciplinary service team we manage for each family.
We have a strong emphasis on building a long-lasting relation- ship of trust with each of our client families and maintain absolute confidentiality of their personal and financial information. Typical Northwood clients have family net worth in the $10 million to $500 million range.
Founded in 2003, Northwood has quickly become one of the leaders in its field and has been consistently ranked as “the number one family office in Canada” in Euromoney’s Global Private Banking survey.
Northwood is a member of the Wigmore Association, an exclusive international association of independent family offices from around the world.

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