What Others Are Saying

“Investing with a long term family perspective requires a deep understanding of both family and finance; Family Wealth Management addresses these two topics in a seamless fashion, providing a comprehensive reference and practical approach for families interested in preserving both lifestyle funds and legacy wealth through all types of investment environments.”

– H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, Chief Executive Officer, LGT Group

“Family Wealth Management provides a much-needed practical guide to the intersection of ‘family’ and ‘finance.’ The seven imperatives and the many practical examples, case studies and checklists will make this book an important reference piece for every wealthy family and the advisors who serve them.”

– John Benevides, President, CTC Consulting | Harris myCFO

“Very well structured and comprehensive in its coverage, this impressive book captures many of the most valuable lessons learned by legacy families, both positive and negative. Those lessons, and the entire content of this book, can provide useful guidance for all family investors and their advisors.”

-Andreas Baer, Partner, Baer & Karrer (Zurich)  

“Owning, managing and nurturing significant wealth involves hard work, discipline and engagement. Success requires strategy. This valuable guide puts the family at the core of the complex yet comprehensible web of decisions and disciplines with which owners and successors should become familiar in order to set their own investment strategies.”

– Alex Scott, Executive Chairman, Sand Aire

“Thoughtful, expert and practical, Family Wealth Management highlights the differences between family and institutional investing, challenges much conventional thinking about private investment, and provides guidance on both the process and content of successful investing in all types of economic environments. Highly recommended.”

– Iu-Jin Ong, Founder, One Global Asia Family Office & Deauville Private Office

“Finally! A book that puts family investors back in the driver’s seat where they belong. For too many years they have been battered by volatile capital markets, insidious behavioral biases and self-interested financial product providers. This excellent book provides fresh, sensible thinking and a clear forward roadmap for wealthy families. This family-centric approach is very positive and long overdue.”

Dirk Jungé, Chairman, Pitcairn

“In Family Wealth Management, Mark Daniell and Tom McCullough demonstrate that managing for sustainable and productive family wealth is all about integrating across family and finance. Not only do they make that critical point, they lay out a practical and comprehensive guide for doing just that. It should be required reading for both family leaders and their advisors.”

– Roger Martin, Dean, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

“Mark Daniell and Tom McCullough skillfully weave theory and practice to demonstrate how successful multigenerational wealth transfer starts with a family’s vision and values.”

Sara Hamilton, President, Family Office Exchange

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